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Wedding Sarees - A Cultural Blend Of Traditions

Wedding saree is not just a piece of cloth a woman is wearing it’s a virtue of culture, tradition and faith in Indian culture. One must have observed that in India, brides are inevitably found in red wedding sari as red color is believed to be the color of goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth, good fortune, youth and beauty. Likewise, the Indian bride is viewed as “Lakshmi” at her in-laws house.

Since India is a diverse country the wedding attire differs from state to state holding their own beliefs and significance. Most north Indian brides adorn banarasi wedding silk sarees or a wedding lehenga. Gujarati bride dons in “Panetar” a classy mixture of white and red saree. Whereas, Bengali bride adorn in “Garad saree” an elegant white silk saree with red border, Marathi brides dolls up in “Nauvari Paithani saree” which is handwoven with vibrant colors and intricate designs, Tamil brides dresses up in “Kanjeevaram sarees” these saris are of bright colors with contrasting borders that have gold threads woven into lush designs. Odisha bride dolls up in “Bomkai sari “are fusion of two fabrics silk and cotton composed of contrasting colors designed with thread work in the borders and pallu and fish is designed on border as a sign of success and affluence dyed in red color and the list continues as different religions have their own beliefs and traditions in India.

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